STARS Pledge

  As a member of the TFC STARS family I am a valuable member of my class and my health and well-being is important to my friends and family. I promise to do everything in my power to care for my body, mind and spirit and reach out for help from my family, friends and health care professionals if challenges arise during my transplant journey.  

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About STARS Scholarship and College Success Program

STARS students will be automatically enrolled in the College Success program. Through this program, they will have access to the resources and the support to help them be successful and medically adherent.

STARS students will have access to:

 Emergency Assistance grants – to help with unexpected emergencies that would cause a student to go without medication or drop out of school. 

Signal Vine message – to encourage students, remind them of important due dates and to inspire adherence. 

Annual STARS Scholarship and Alumni Celebration - during National Pediatric Transplant Week to recognize scholarship awardees and celebrate college success. 

STARS alumni events and gatherings – informal visits to constantly connect STARS mentors and leaders with the next generation of students.