baylor college of medicine presents

20th Annual Chronic Illness & Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-Based Care

Live Streaming locally in partnership with the San Antonio Area Foundation

October 24th and 25th

8am - 4pm - Continuing Education Credits Available 

Local (San Antonio)

Skill preparation and planning for healthcare transition for children and youth with special healthcare needs is inadequate. Less than 50 percent of families nationwide indicate that their children with special healthcare needs have received the services necessary to make appropriate transitions to adult healthcare, work, and independence. One of the major hurdles to receiving this care is the lack of a workforce, including physicians, nurses, social workers, mental health providers and all who provide services to youth and young adults with special healthcare needs collarborating to provide the services necessary to make the healthcare transition. There is a strong need for physicians to have the knowledge and skills to provide the services needed to facilitate a successful transition from pediatric to adult-based care and services.

Because of increased awareness of transitioning to adult-based care, clinicians are required to update their knowledge of the changing strategies for integrating emerging adult-based care into practice.

For all conference participants, there will be a discussion of the legal issues involved in healthcare transition, as well as time to meet and talk with faculty in small groups, to exchange ideas among participants, and to share knowledge and information about how best to plan for a successful transition to adulthood.


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20th Annual Pediatric to Adult Based Care Transition Conference

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 Conference Streaming will be held at the San Antonio Area Foundation at the Pearl

Wells Center San Antonio Area Foundation

303 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, Texas 78215, United States

TFC Phone 210.949.1212

Transition Panel Discussion October 4, 2019