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Families Connect

Families Connect is a place where pediatric transplant families come together and build a strong and supportive community. We meet in person as well as virtually the first Thursday of every month.


Join us for food, fun, and fellowship as we navigate the pediatric transplant journey together.


Our private Facebook group is an opportunity to connect with other transplant parents and families in the Transplants for Children community.


Every family will learn how to embrace and show love for their child living the journey of organ transplantation. There is no right way or wrong way for siblings to live and grow together; rather, every family should strive for its own balance and determine support strategies that help the child and their siblings to thrive and be resilient.

The ultimate goal is to build internal strengths and coping skills in your child’s sibling, too. Many factors will influence this, including the course of the transplant care and the external and internal supports and resources available to the child, their siblings, and the rest of the family.

Transplants for Children offers your child’s siblings the opportunity to connect with other siblings living the transplant journey to build special and lifelong friendships, share stories, and, above all, have some fun! Our siblings meet every other month for fun activities. 

Star Gazers

Transplants for Children offers a holistic support system for our youngest transplant warriors. We host quarterly adventure events designed for our STAR Gazers, who range from ages 3 to 11. These events are tailor-made for preadolescent transplant survivors and their siblings.

As your child advances into adolescence, our program paves the way for their next milestone: the STARS Scholarship & College Success Program!

When your child participates in the Star Gazers program, they will develop crucial social competence. This is not just a fun and enjoyable experience; it’s a critical preparation for the transition into adolescence. We aim to equip them for a successful journey towards the STARS Scholarship & College Success Program.

By honing essential social skills at a young age, your child not only builds special peer relationships but also takes significant strides towards comprehending and effectively communicating their unique health needs. In an environment filled with love and support, where exploration and learning feel comfortable, children can cultivate meaningful relationships with both adults and their fellow transplant recipients. This fosters a sense of community, empathy, and care, all vital components of personal growth on their journey.

STARS Scholarship & College Success

Pre-and post-transplant young adults ages 12-19, the STARS program is for you!

This initiative is designed to help young transplant recipients develop lasting friendships with their peers, enhance crucial academic skills, acquire leadership abilities through community service, and understand the significance of adhering to medical guidelines.


Upon successful completion of the STARS program, participants will have the chance to secure an annual scholarship. These scholarships can be applied towards attending a trade school, college, or university after high school graduation.


For further details on how to enroll in the STARS program, reach out to the Transplants for Children office at 210-949-1212.

Mentor and STARS Leadership

Your child’s connection to Transplants for Children and lifelong friendships doesn’t stop with STARS but continues on as they graduate to become a mentor to younger recipients.

From age 20 and up, the mentorship program provides the opportunity to “give back” and guide young and newly transplanted recipients in their journey with personal experience and compassion.


Applications for enrollment are available!

Parent & Caregiver Healthcare Transition Education Program

Our healthcare transition workshops are open to parents and caregivers with children of any age. They have the following goals:

  • Equip parents with crucial information to prepare and navigate their child through the transition from pediatric care to adult healthcare.
  • Empower parents to foster their child’s independence in healthcare skills.
  • Prepare parents and children for the shift to an adult healthcare model and transition to new healthcare providers.

We provide these workshops in two formats: in-person workshops during STARS in-person events and a virtual platform that grants access to educational materials via Google Classroom and Zoom events.

Workplace Readiness Preparation

Launching in the fall of 2023, the workplace readiness program will provide a toolkit of skills-building activities to prepare for future employment.

Workplace readiness is the process of preparing to enter the workforce. This involves learning new skills, creating goals, and preparing for a career.


Career readiness can help you ensure success in your workplace, teach you how to manage your career, and equip you to apply the skills you’ve learned.


Career readiness also helps employers understand your abilities and experience. When employers notice that you’ve prepared yourself to enter the workforce, this often influences their hiring decision.

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